Looking to Purchase Nucs in Brisbane for Spring '19

Hey all, new to the forum and hoping you are able to lend a hand. Have kept bees on the Gold Coast for a few years now and looking to have a few hives at where I am living in Brisbane now.

After reading a bit here It seems like @JeffH is the man to turn to, but open to hearing from anyone who is able to provide 2-3 Nucs for the coming Spring!

Cheers all :slight_smile:

Jeff or Peter will be able to sort you out I’d reckon np!

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You beauty! Managed to tag Jeff in the OP but hopefully Peter sees this aswell! Cheers mate

A big welcome to the forum with lots of reading and great fople really happy to give advice and tips.
Either @JeffH or I can help you out but Jeff is 20 mins closer to you and will have more stock this Spring than I will have. Jeff is at Buderim and I’m at Coolum Beach. Also @Cathiemac is much closer to you and likely able to meet you needs too.
Jeff is a real gentleman and a wealth of advice and tips. I bought from Jeff when I wanted to increase my hives so I can recommend him from my own experience.
Most of my splits are already sold after building them up I sell them as a complete 8 frame brood box and a super with a metal QX and mouse guard so what I offer is maybe more than your needs.


Hi Bob, I’m able to help in that area. Just pm me, if you like, cheers


Thanks for the warm welcome guys! @JeffH I’m not actually sure if I can PM (maybe because it’s a new account?) But I’d love to have a chat, if you could shoot me a message hopefully I can reply normally otherwise I’ll put an email address up :slight_smile:

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Hey Bob & @JeffH I am new to the forum too, and I am looking to obtain 2 Nucs (for a friends flow hive as well). I too cannot seem to send PM’s so if you can pop me a msg with your contact details I hope it is OK to get in touch! Thanks JeffW (Brisbane)

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Hey mate! Welcome to the forum, hopefully Jeff can help you out, I ended up getting 3 Nucs from him and couldn’t be happier, great bloke and great bees.