Looking for keepers in London who already have a FlowHive

Hi - I am brand new to beekeeping and have yet to buy my FlowHive. Before I do, I would really like to meet anyone in London who already has one, for basic advice. Very grateful to hear from anyone.


I’m West Midlands but there is a Beek By you in Romford - if you join Flow Hive UK on facebook there are the UK contingent

Thanks very much for your comment. I’ll keep looking over here too.

Thanks for this Valli. I’m one of those rare people who are not on Facebook. Do you know any other way of reaching these people?

The facebook site is where we meet sorry. Your not alone Hubby doesn’t do FB

Send me you email addy on PM and I will pass it on

My email address is nick@transmedia.co.uk. Thanks a lot.

@nickstockbridge are you a new bee keeper or wanna bee? Your best bet is to join a local bee Club.

It has been suggested to me that you would be better off learning about bees first and then looking at Flow Hives as a method of extraction.

Yes, I’m a wannabee (like that term) and you’re absolutely right, I need much more general knowledge and will be looking for that locally. This has come up because I am only just moving to somewhere with the possibility to keep a hive, and we don’t actually move in until the beginning of June.

So one quick question is, what time of year should one start a new hive? Is the summer even suitable?

This question says it all - you really need a grounding in bee husbandry which is why you need to join a bee club.

Summer is a pretty good time of year (spring is better). If you still have a good nectar flow, the bees should do fine. Otherwise you will need to feed them, which isn’t ideal.

Thanks very much, Dawn.

As a complete beginner, at the moment I’m thinking it’s already too late and I should take the first year in my new place to read and learn and then start a hive next Spring.

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Probably not, but you have to decide what works for you. :wink: It would be a great opportunity to join a club and perhaps get some hands-on experience with a member’s bees. :blush:

I will do just that. I don’t want to get it wrong.


Hi Nick,

Where in London are you based?

Hi Paras

Sorry this is a late reply but thanks for your message.

I’m in north west London, Kensal Rise.

Are you a Flow Hive owner?

Hi Nick,

Yes have a flow hive, a newbie at beekeeping getting the bees in June. Just finished the beginners course for beekeeping.

OK thanks.

I need to go on a course myself. Which course did you attend? Are you getting advice from anyone with a FlowHive?

I did lots of research online, then contacted my local beekeepers association.

I was lucky as they has course in April which finished in May.

Most beekeeping association are not big with the flow hive and will discourage members to use it.

I know know 2 other who I met via the beekeepers association starting up with a flow hive.

The Flow hive is only an extraction process, you would still have to care for the bees. All this you will learn at your local beekeepers association.

I am getting my bees from a local beekeeper, and the bees are of good nature. They will teach you about what bees to go for and equipment at your local club.

Note that the flow hive use the Langstroth Frames, therefore makes sure what ever you get is Langstroth based.

My plan is to start with one hive this year and next year expand to second one, if you come across someone who has a flow hive and does not want to start beekeeping please let me know. I would offer to take their flow hive off them.

One of the members here was able to acquire a second flow hive from someone that changed there mind.

Let me know how it goes.

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I’m Leatherhead (south west London) if you need anything.

Thanks very much. I’m completely new to bee keeping and I haven’t even been on a course yet.

Perhaps after that I could get back to you if I have any questions on the Flow Hive.

Thanks very much.