Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Hi All,

Complete new’bee’ here. Thinking about purchasing the new Hive 2 and wondered if there were any Flow users local to my area with experience using the system in our cold/wet climate.


@Dee has bees in cold/wet Wales. :blush:

The Flow hive bit is irrelevant. The Flow hive is just a Langstroth hive with a different harvesting method. Everything else (except harvesting) should be done the same way that your local beekeepers take care of their bees. There are plenty of beekeepers in Scotland, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t work. I would encourage you to join a local bee club and get some hands on experience with a mentor if possible. I wouldn’t mention the “Flow” hive to start with, some traditional beekeepers are very suspicious of it. :wink:


Thanks for your reply. There is a local bee keeping association that run a load of classes etc so plan to start learning with them. Thanks for the flow tip haha.


Following up.
Did you ever purchase a flow hive?

I have been going to local bee classes, mentioned that local bee’s did not like the flow hive. People have bought and had to sell on.

Hi, No I never went forward with buying one. Still haven’t got round to getting any bees either.