Anyone in Richmond VA

just a local bee keeper in Richmond area trying to see if their are any flow hive users here

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Hi! Just saw this. I don’t get on the forum as much as I should. I am in RVA. I am a second year beekeeper with 2 hives. I am hoping to get my first flow harvest in next few weeks. So far I’ve left all for the bees. How about you?

im a first year beekeeper with 2 hives as well 1 is a Italian and the other is a carniolan hive and they are both neck in neck and are doing great… i have them all wrapped up for the winter both with tar paper and solid bottom bored along with burlap sacks between the top board and a the roof so hopefully they will survive i did their mite treatments about 2 weeks ago so i pray everything will go well

Hi! I’ve had bees for about 9 years, but I’m completely new to the Flow hive. I have two hives on an every-other-frame mix of foundation and foundationless frames in 8 frame mediums. Right now, I’m looking at the weather and wondering what the season ahead will bring - last year was so rainy compared to our normal year.

Welcome to the Flow forum. Please let us know if we can help in any way, although after 9 years, you probably know bees pretty well! :blush:

:slight_smile: What I know about bees is that they don’t read the books, lol!