Charlottesville Virginia

Purchased the complete Flow and I’m excited to learn, be apart of this community and get fresh honey on tap. No previous experience. Anyone else in the central Virginia area?

I have been worried about our food supply and so thrilled to be apart of a movement that creates a harmonious planet.

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Another hello from C’ville VA! I have absolutely no experience with beekeeping, although have known several folks that have gotten involved with experienced keepers. Unfortunately, I’m not in contact with them any longer. Regardless, looking forward to starting something new. I have some property east of town which is where where we are planning on starting. Would love to talk to both experienced and non-experienced keepers from everywhere.



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I am in Botetourt County. I am a first year bee keeper. I have two hives that I have just started. I have also ordered a complete flow hive. It will be interesting to compare them. I wanted to get some experience before my flow hive comes so I can have a good start with the flow hive.

I am a new beekeeper in Richmond VA, set mine up in early May. I have a wonderful mentor, Kristi Orcutt. I have 3 brood boxes now and am ready to put my flow frames on for the first time. How has it been going for you Charlottesville folks ?

Hello, I’m in Cartersville. I have one hive there. Not many SHB, but I am having varroa mite problems. How are things in C’ville?

Stafford, VA here.

Will be starting two hives in April.

Wish me luck.

Hello Virginians. I plan to start 2 hives later this month. Located in Nelson County, south of Charlottesville about 30 minutes.
Was wondering how y’all have done with your new colonies for the last two seasons, and also what you learning has been as to what is needed for overwintering in our area?? In terms of honey and pollen stores?


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Welcome! Stafford here! But you knew that from your over posts.