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Rockin’ 3 Flows In Richmond, VA

Hey there, fellow beeks. I have 3 Flow 2’s in the Richmond area, just started this Spring, all with nucs I purchased from a local supplier recommended by the local bee club. I’ve got purebred Russians. They are very sweet and amazing workers. One hive lost the queen somewhere in transit when I installed the nucs, so had to requeen early in the season. Watching that hive closely. It’s been quite a rollercoaster. The other two have been very strong. One is blowing my mind. It’s like they’re on steroids! After 2 weeks, the brood box is almost full. Just like kids, the hives are all so different. :rofl:

1 of my hives is in my backyard, in an urban setting. 2 are in a more country setting, in the middle or a 300-acre farm, where I’m starting an apiary for a local family. They want to add a few hives each year and are excited about the Flows. The farm hives are enclosed in an electric fence to protect from black bears, per the recommendation of our local bee club! We have all sorts of critters in VA. Skunks too. Gotta keep our girls safe. We have a game camera set to watch them 24/7 when we’re away. It helps that my hubby manages the farm and has cameras elsewhere to watch the property, so we just added one to the apiary too.

It’s my first time in VA and first time with Flow, but I’m not exactly a newbee. Our family started beekeeping 10 years ago in Denver and have several Warre hives that are still going strong. My ex-husband runs the Denver hives, but we still keep in touch and share notes bc our kids love it and it’s a whole-family thing! I also worked at a beekeeping supply store in Denver, “To Bee or Not to Bee” for several years, and attended the bee club there, so even though I haven’t worked a Langstroth myself, I’m very familiar with all the wooden ware, gear, and mechanics.

Feeling excited about my Flows, but could always use a little support. I’ve noticed that traditional beekeepers around here aren’t fans of Flow. They think it’s “not good for the bees.” :roll_eyes: But frankly, after doing all-natural, hands-off beekeeping in the Warre hives all these years, I’m used to the frowns and disapproving looks. Bottom line is, I love my girls, am very comfortable around them, and will do whatever I need to do to take care of them. The family I’m working for chose Flow hives, so it’s going to be a new adventure. And I’m in!

Anyone in VA? Or in the Richmond area? I’d love to connect! :blush:


Hiya Melody and welcome!

There are loads of VA forum members, check this out:


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Awesome. Thanks @Eva!

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You bet! Here’s hoping you can find some fellow Flowhivers nearby and you can shake off those hardheaded head-shakers :roll_eyes::rofl:


Look forward to seeing more photos and hearing your progress.

Good luck finding some local connections.