Apidictor - Eddy Woods - Hive Monitoring

I think that at first we must solve technical part of the problem -

  1. Have you made setup with all equalisers in you computer set in neutral position ? Have you made volume as loud as possible ?
  2. Have you made manual linearisation of diagram in LF diapazon as it is shown on the picture ??

Yup. I did go through the setup as indicated on the page. I don’t own an audiophile sound system so there could easily be errors due to the speaker response. I wonder how much it varies device to device. For example, if someone else using the same device (Note4 in my case) did a proper calibration in a high end studio, could I use their settings?

We made equliser to solve this problem. All devices have different mics. So, !) you’ve made manual linearisation in LF diapazon Haven’t you ? 2) Can you make measuring 5x15sec. using sound written in file with test sound of bees. It is on the same page where you took Wite Noise track. If set-up is OK I’ll see the same picture (±) as my own app give me …

If you want us to understand what is going on in the hive, you must think about me as if I’m a doctor, asking questions, to make a correct diagnosis … and forgive me my insistence in past and for future … )))