Apis Tech Hive Monitoring system

This looks like an amazing compact bee hive monitoring system. Too bad their crowd campaign on IndieGoGo did not make it. I was trying to contact them to get more info but no reply ever since. Anyone here have tried out this system yet?

I’m talking with a friend about setting up some instrumentation on my hive, but it’s on my roof - so collecting the data on my house wireless router makes things easier.

The biggest problem with more data is I’m likely to become even more obsessed!

I firmly believe that beekeepers need more data to keep the hive healthy. By having a integrated monitor system, beekeepers will not need to pry open the hive to check on the bees. Too bad that this ApisTech company seems to be faded to obscurity, there is no way to be in contacted with them

We are talking to Hive Genie - another system that didn’t do too well on indiegogo but looks great. They will hopefully have something ready for sale in the next few months. Anything that helps gauge the health of the colony would be great. We will still check them regularly, but on a day like today there is no way we can go in our hive so would be good to have some internal monitoring. We did contact arnia, but at $4000, that is not something we can justify!



Yeah, Arnia is way to expensive and also the modules are bulky as hell. the portal management is like some kid cartoon and does not seems to provide charts and more data reports.

Hive Genie looks kind of bulky as well. I like Apistech solution as the whole modules can be tugged inside and the control center UI is very friendly and modern.

Actually the Arnia does provide charts and even spot data, or spreadsheets of data if you want. When it works…

When it works…

Does it not work very well? It seems like you are enjoying it and apears by your posts that it works quite well?
Im looking in to this as my early “christmas gift from santa”… (HAHA). Anyway I have have two colonies and from what I can tell I’m looking at approximately $1000 for the pro for one apiary that has 2 hives.
Additionally I have been asked to put hives on a few farms come spring and I thought this would be a great way to monitor those hives.
Im a newbee so I also want to be able to monitor my current hives while going through my first winter.

It works brilliantly now. I think we may have been unlucky and had about 3 or 4 months of problems. However, continuously for more than a year, we have excellent data and service from Arnia. I highly recommend them.

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That’s great. Do you have it in multiple hives or just one? I’m looking at getting it for 2 hives but as you know it’s not a small investment. Looks like it would be worth it to help a newbee be the best I can with out disrupting them unless I need to. I want them to be as natural as I can but I know being new I need to be monitoring them.
Did you get the complete pro package? How do the batteries last? Or did you opt for the solar power option?

@Dawn_SD did you consider any of the other commercial options before settling on the Arnia? would be good to hear if you have thoughts about products such as broodminder. It seems a little cheaper, Bluetooth but has a higher batter replacement regime.