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Apis mellifera capensis + flow = Success , Cape Town, South Africa


My Flow frames edging closer to harvest. Apis mellifera capensis + flow = :heart_eyes:


Guess what I’m doing this afternoon…





:heart_eyes: I got just over 4 litres/ 6 kg of honey from two frames!

I had to cover the operation with Glad wrap (sad wrap) as I had about 15 bees belly-flopping into the jar. Some of the curious ones even flew into the key slot!


Wowzers!!! Gorgeous. Well done!! :rainbow::grinning::+1:


Do you know if you got any honey leaks onto the brood? I had a bit of a theory that with wet caps, you get more leaking. Then I turned my thoughts towards caps that are close to the mechanism, such as the caps at the bottom of the bottom photo are. I wonder if you got any leakage there.