Appreciation post - @JeffH

Taking the time to acknowledge one of the greats.

Big thank you to @JeffH for his vast valuable knowledge and time taken to post and upload not only on this forum but on the World Wide Web.

Truley an amazing legacy! When I first started bee keeping and had so many questions, everytime I searched on here, at least 99% of the time he had already answered it somewhere. I also love his tried and true non fuss method of beekeeping and gardening.

For those that don’t know Jeff heres a link of some info about the legend himself:

And finally if it wasn’t for him I wouldnt be able to share this below photo… It’s a picture of my first ever harvest jarred and sealed on the 06/03/22 which I plan to keep indefinitely.

Cheers @JeffH :beers:

“It’s Jeff and Wilma at Buderim and today I’m going to show you @Detto’s first harvest!”


Absolutely love the lego peeps!


Hi Detto, thank you for this very humbling thread. I really appreciate your kind words. It’s great that you’ve gotten into beekeeping with many questions & prepared to seek out answers. I was impressed when I read that you read every post in that W.A. thread. I was also impressed with your innovative low cost hive scales.

Congratulations on your first harvest. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with many more.

Take care, cheers for now.


Hey those lego pieces look just like my mum and dad!!! :slight_smile: joyce


@Detto congratulations on your first harvest. Thats so exciting. :slight_smile: