Total BEEginner on the Sunshine Coast

Hi everyone, totally new to the bee keeping game and spent the best afternoon gaining so much knowledge and my first colony! Thanks so much to JeffH in Buderim, who was so willing to show me everything I needed to know to get started. I was really nervous to start with Bee’s (have had my hive in a box for 6 months). Jeff gave me the confidence and knowledge to start. With my new hive all set up and Bee’s in it I am so very excited for the journey ahead. If there is anyone in the Caloundra area that would be interested in sharing info about their setup that would be great! Cheers Avril

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Hi Av, many thanks for those kind words.
I look forward to reading of your journey…
I hope your daughters like the video you took;

They loved it! They were all fascinated by everything you are doing in your little abode and are very eager to visit hahahaha

Wow Avril, that’s fantastic, I’m looking forward to meeting them.
The birds cleaned up most of that meat I had cut up yesterday, except for the tail bits, and for some reason they also left the testes, however it was all gone before breakfast. They turned up earlier today to clean up the cockies I caught last night, as well as the rest of the carcass that I had in the fridge. With the larger individuals, I’ll feed them in 2 goes. The smaller ones in one go.