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Are the girls preparing to draw comb on the outside of hive?


Hi fellow beek’s a question for all does it look like there preparing to draw comb on the outside of the hive?

Also I have my screen cover in the bottom slot and my girls seem to get under it, is that surpose to happen?


They are washboarding
A to and fro movement that is little understood.


I agree with @Dee, they are washboarding. They are not preparing to draw comb outside the hive, don’t worry. You just have a load of juvenile bees who are bored and just looking for something to do, so they dance - like human teenagers :blush: Here is a nice little video discussing it:

You may have a defective SBB - I did. If the wires are slightly bent, the bees can get through it. I had to bend back and reposition about 20 or 30 wires. Here is the post:

Until you are able to take the SBB out and check it, I would leave the corflute slider in the upper slot, otherwise the bees may decide to use the rear of the hive as another entrance, and going through the screen will deprive them of a lot of pollen too.


I would take the pull out board completely away
Not much point in having a mesh floor if it’s blocked up
Might as well have a solid floor


May check on my next hive inspection on Tuesday May 31 to see how bad that SSB is, my hive has bee’s in it already going on more than 2 month and this problem just started about 5 days ago.

I wasn’t aware of the problem with the mess until @Dawn_SD brought it to my attention about the thread on this issue from March, I hope I can repair it in a timely fashion when I do my hive inspection, so that I don’t have the girls expose to long why I repair.

Any suggestion? :worried:
Thank you in advances


Get a backup 8 frame bottom board, or put the brood box on a crown board/inner cover and cover the top of the brood boxes with another crown board/inner cover or a tea towel while you fix the wires in the SBB.


GOOD NEWS! I received my new SBB from FLOW.