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Are the official Flow Hive team have any ebay accounts?


Are the official Flow Hive team have any ebay account? I want to buy one from ebay mainly because i’m using importing services from here and the tax are bit cheaper and also easier. and i just discovered an ebay account that is named flowhive https://www.ebay.com/str/Flowhive/

Is this account is the real official account?



It looks official, but @Faroe or @KieranPI will know the real truth. :blush:


I suspect it is not the Genuine flow hive link on EBay, if you look at the ‘followers’ and the ‘47’ in total sales that is making me very suspicious although the photos look genuine.
I would wait on Faroe or Kieran to say as they are a part of the Flow Hive team.
Welcome to the forum, you will find other beekeeper on the forum from Indonesia.


Looks like the official Flow Hive as it ships from the exact location my flow hive shipped from.


This is our official listing on Ebay. We want to offer a few different options as there are lots of different preferences for shopping.



That’s great news as depending where one buys the money change cost can be an additional expense


Thankyou so much for your feedback guys :pray:t3::pray:t3:


An update: