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Are these hives on ebay Honey Flow hives?


Or is it some knockoff?

“Techno Frames” are the chinese knock off that have been popping up on the market as fast as they can get shut down

The roof certainly looks non genuine with that finger jointed wood.

These are all fake replicas. I have reported all their listed items to ebayso they should be removed in time. BUYER BEWARE

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That is a very expensive hive!

i noticed someone brought it :frowning:
Cant tell how to contact that buyer and inform them its fake

That will be a matter for Pay Pal. Luckily they have great buyer protections

Does Pay Pal know theyre fake? how will they know?

No, looks like it’s still online. Ebay take some days if not longer to remove the listing once it is reported (which I have done). You can see over time that they keep popping up and each time it is with a different seller. You can see that this seller is always a virgin with NO feedback ratings etc.

On this forum I have previously heard of a purchaser having problems with the fake copy and had absolutely no backup from Chinese seller, unlike the great backup that seems to be evident with the Flow Team.

The buyer would have to start a dispute but yes, it would be pretty clear when they investigate that they are fake and would absolutely refund the buyers money. But the buyer would have to initiate that.

I’d say if you can afford to, purchase one, then when it arrives, notify eBay that it’s a counterfeit product. Then initiate the refund process, since it’s considered a counterfeit, you don’t have to return the product and just simply destroy it. You get your money back and the seller loses his product.

Bruce, we used that technique to run them off of Amazon ; -)

For $75,000, to the Chinese mob, these imposters can be taken care of permanently. j/k

Except they are probably behind the fakes…

It is a great scam. Make the fakes, make money off of the fakes, make more money when people pay you to make the fakes go away.

The only place to buy genuine Flow Hives is www.honeyflow.com or in Australia www.honeyflow.com.au

It has taken a decade to perfect our design, which containing refinements the fakes cannot hope to replicate, and protected by patents.

If you buy off ebay, etc., there is no warranty from us, etc.

I will forward this onto our legal team. Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

Looks like there is a huge jump in the number of sellers posting them on eBay and the one’s reported so far are still up. Wonder why eBay hasn’t removed them yet…

An update: