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Anyone wants to sell their Flow Hive?


Is anyone willing to sell their Flow Hive? I really want to buy one and cannot wait until 2016 Feb. I can pay double price or more to own it right now:) Please message me if you willing to sell yours, second hand is fine.


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I checked ebay and they have one listed. Don’t know what size you need, but it’s for an 8 frame box. Good luck!


Now that’s an idea !


You never know, there might be one or more people with second thoughts about the beekeeping aspect of the Flow hive. The chance to get their money back plus the same again might be an offer too hard to resist.


It would feel like scalping tickets…


The person advertising it on eBay…says it doesn’t belong to them but they Re advertising for a friend who can no longer use tI…perhaps they died. Out of the number which were ordered…some people may not be around to use it. Some may decide beekeeping is not for them after all. I hope any one who does want to sell is encouraged to come on this forum first …to advertise.


This is the perfect place for folks to trade their flowhives.

And honestly, I am too late in the season to establish a hive this year so even if they ship early I won’t be homing a swarm until spring.

So if I had mine I would actually consider selling it and ordering two, to give one to our oldest girl @starfruit711 on Kaua’i who is interested in keeping bees!


Thank you for your information. But I have searched ebay many times and didnt see anyone is selling flow hive, may I ask what keyword did you type for it?


I searched flow hive and had 1 result. When I checked back in the afternoon it was gone. I’m in the same boat as you, waiting until February 2016 for mine. Something to look forward to right?


Patience. Beekeepers should be experts in that :slight_smile:


It was advertised on eBay USA. Definitely there but may be sold by now.


I have a flowhive that is scheduled for delivery in Decemeber 2015. Please contact me regarding purchasing it.



Three days left. Today is January 4th, 2016

It looks legit. Bee careful though, I’ve seen cheep nonworking Chinese copies out there.


Kyle, I’ll sell mine to you! I literally got the Complete Flow Hive in the mail today! Send me an e-mail if you’re interested. matthewhonor@gmail.com


Just as the doctor ordered, it’s on eBay. However, e-mail me about saving a few bucks to do it outside of eBay and avoid the selling fees :wink:

Listing of Complete Cedar Flow Hive


Yes, but they’ve been stealing the actual photos and videos along with the basic design… I wouldn’t trust it if it looks like a photo that was cut and pasted from the Flow hive site…


I didn’t check out the seller but that is easy enuf. Ebay and Paypal do offer a certain amount of protection for the buyer. Sellers pay the fees on Ebay, but if it’s unfamiliar ground, have an experienced friend help with that. Even if done here I would Paypal.


I copied and pasted pics, but only because it’s still in the box it was shipped in. Unopened, untampered with.


I know some of the Chinese knockoffs used the pictures from the site. If yours is real, that makes sense.