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Chinese Companies Selling the FlowHive BE AWARE


I have a YouTube Video that evaluates the FlowHive.

Today alone, I have had to block/delete four spam comments coming from Chinese Companies that are soliciting viewers on YouTube and offering FlowHive Sales.

I have attempted to warn viewers, that to my knowledge at this time, there is only one source for FlowFrames and FlowHives.

When a viewer appears interested or asks where the FlowHive may be purchased, these companies are contacting them via message on the video post or contacting them directly.

I thought I would post here, in order to raise awareness. I will keep deleting those offers, but it’s like bopping gophers at Chucky Cheese… they are popping right back up under a different name/channel.



Good idea ! The Chinese fakes n their suppliers are trying any way to get their impostor junk sold ! It’s sad but they have absolutely NO scruples about getting people to buy their really bad junk with customers thinking they have found a good deal or second outlet. Your corect. There is only one Azzie Flow-Hive supplier n dealer.

Internet fakes everywhere … Be careful n :honeybee:wise or you’ll get big Fake surprise !



I found this listing on Ebay… does anyone know the story behind it?



Eight Orders Sold already and that is in the last five days I hope the FlowHive Team is paying attention?
The Seller Lives in Turkey… all of the photos for the listing look right.


Except the photos show a 6 frame super, and they are selling a 7 frame version… :grimacing:


True… the entire thing is weird:



If you read the description it says Techno frames, its a cheap copy.


Thanks for letting us know.

I have passed this on to our legal team so that we can shut down the cheap copy-cats.


If you look at the seller information in the upper right of the screen you will notice that the seller has 0 previous sales. It is highly likely that you would pay your money and never see any product delivered. Happens all the time on ebay unfortunately.


ebay has a system that is supposed to deal with such obvious trade mark and patent infringements: VeRo: Verified Rights Owner Program.

No doubt the flow legal team are already onto this but just in case:



Great… just looking out for you folks! :slight_smile:


They have sold 15 systems so far and there are several other sellers on E-Bay
This listing is actually from Turkey!

"FREE Other Shipping | See details
International items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges.

Item location:
Istanbul, default, Turkey

Ships to:
United States"

The title calls it “Flow Hive”… muddy waters ahead I’m afraid…


Look at this listing… even the Pamphlet is the “Flow” pamphlet…
The Chinese killed off most of their honey bees with pesticides, sell the U.S. “Funny Honey” and as is often the case, simply make their own version of someone else’s invention… they call it Flow Hive in the title…


The seller has a good rating…
What do you think of this listing?


Once again, I’ve reported all items to Ebay, so in time they should be shut down. Strange how the seller has NO feedback. I guess Ebay ban the seller and they then just start fresh with a new user name.

It crosses my mind to purchase one on ebay, pay with paypal and once received, ask paypal for a refund as it is counterfeit. If lots of beeks across the globe do this, it’s gunna be an expensive excercise for the shonky sellers.


I have made this mistake many times with being tempted through the cost factor and then being deeply disappointed.
You will find things like documentation and support virtually non existent. Yes you can save money but usually you will find that you would have been better off paying more and buying the original product.
Lets start supporting Australian designed and built products and this is one product that is such a wonderful breakthrough.


Hi Alan

Yes, I agree 100% with you. I already have a cedar flow hive - original.

What I was talking about by purchasing the fake was that if we ALL did it and got a 100% refund back from paypal, the shonky suppliers would be forced out of business. Paypal will give us all our money back and the shonky supplier would be giving their product away for free, can’t stay in business too long with that practise. It just seems like a practical way of forcing them to shut down.


The Chinese listing has lots of good feedback… good luck getting them “shut down” they have lots of clever tricks up their sleeve… we’ll see.


I haven’t found any feedback at all, all their sellers have 0 feedback.

My initial thought is a little too risky for me to take on as I have viewed ebays policy on counterfeit products and it would only seem as though you have a leg to stand on if the imitators were using Flow’s logo on their products which they are not. I’m not supporting the imitators one little bit.

I’m now considering purchasing another complete Flow kit original b4 September as I have now access to a 50 acre farm nearby.


It is true that they have maybe gotten smarter as they used to have all Flow branded pictures and videos on their ads. I will say that I find it interesting that they are “advertising it” with a picture of bees building bur comb off the face of it… That doesn’t strike much confidence. You can also see in the bottom right corner that the cells do not line up across the entire face. This was a terrible idea to use this pic in their marketing…


hahaha hilarious :))))