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Placement/location for hives


for the experienced beeks in the forum, any thoughts on best locations for where hives are located? my wife and I are already talking about having a 2nd hive, possibly even more and it doesn’t seem that for the sake of my toddlers and neighbors, near the house is not the best option.

we have a wetland area and then a large open space/clearing near saltwater. If I built a nice, sturdy stand and cemented it in place, would it be acceptable if oriented out near the water? the only things that I might be concerned about is lack of shelter/wind break and/or if proximity to saltwater is a turn off to a honeybee? i would think they would have an easy access to freshwater within the wetland area of our property.



A few scenic pix’s might be good. Moisture is an issue around here with our bees. During the winter bees give off moisture n this rises ! It drips back down on the bees … This makes sick or dead colony of bees.

So I’d try to keep your “GIRLs” in driest possible. Waiting for a pix or two. But also remember your personal life n kids in this senario


Gerald’s advice about moisture sure is a valid point, but it all depends on your climate.
Where I live, many hives are lost at flood times, which occur every few years, but seem to escalate. Even if you know a flood is approaching it’s not that easy to relocate your hives in a hurry.
Wetlands around here would be ok normally, but if we get a very wet year we might have to observe and manage hive ventilation.
I don’t think the bees mind salt water, they fly to find the water they need. Morning dew may be enough. Your large open area sounds very nice for a few hives.
Pics would be good to advise.


i will get some photos this weekend. as you know @Gerald_Nickel whether sucks today and I’m not feeling like taking pictures down there :slight_smile:



Not sure about your side of the POND but up here in the Cascade Foothills it’s just totally SOAK ! I just got home n looked at my Wx station. It’s WET @ 22:00 … The station has register more than .85" since the rain started this morning … :umbrella:️:sweat_drops::dash:

Pix’s in all the rain would have been poor n even useless … Even your dry areas are probably under water ! :smile:

Looking forwRd to a good pix or two as time n Wx permit it.