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Are they filling the super


Is this what it looks like when they start filling the super with honey??


That is what it looks like when they start to seal the plastic gaps with wax. I don’t see any honey in the cells yet. :blush:


As Dawn said they are preparing the cells and then they will start filling. If you look in the side viewing b window you will see the transformation of the cells as they prepare for honey. If you have plenty of nectar around it will be full before you know it. Good luck.


Looks like they are sealing all the gaps with wax:

You may want to have a look at this thread for info on how to encourage the bees to use the Flow Frames quicker.


Well, I never got any honey this year. As of today, there are a lot of bees in the honey super waxing all the gaps and lots of propolis, but no honey. There are lots of frames of honey in the 2nd box, but that honey belongs to the bees for winter. I never did smear burr comb on the honey frames which is my fault. Is it unusual for bees to not put honey in the super the first year???


it really depends on the colony: last season I had two flow hives running- one was started from a large swarm the other a nucleus. the swarm hive built up fast and filled the super several times over the season. The nuc hive was slow to build up- and had some mild chalk brood. Over the whole season they never filled the flow super only partially filling a few frames.

The same thing can happen with traditional hives side by side- one can store a lot of honey- another virtually none.