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Are we able to share video?


Keen to share video footage etc in the forum if able to but can’t see how. Will post link in url form for now. Have my flow hive turning up in a few weeks and have set up a new hive to get the brood going in the mean time https://youtu.be/VyrzcnRuzWE


Great footage Glenn! Where is this?


As you post more, and have more activity new permissions will unlock such as posting images and video. It happens pretty quick once you start posting and interacting.


Really nice video. What are you using to record?


Thanks Mario
I am in Remuera in Auckland


Thanks adagna

I am just using my iPhone- lucky enough to have just got the new one and it has a slo mo option for filming


Oh and Auckland is in New Zealand…


That slow motion does the trick!


I’ll pop in the video here, but after you have been active for a bit you will be able to do it yourself ; -)


What is the accepted file format for video. I tried to post a MPEG4 but said was not a registered file ext,
I have over 150 posts so activity shouldn’t be a problem.


@busso If it will up load to YouTube is can play here


@Valli Thanks, I reread the popup and it said “not an authorized file” so I’ll have to wait to a 200 post count I suppose.