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Nice to teach the grandkids how thing work


One of the grandkids checking things out. Checking out the new Flow hive.


Back in the day ran a truck load of hives.
Nice after 35 years to plonk a couple in the back and front yards!
I’ve always worked my bees in shorts and t-shirt. If they get a bit funny and I get a few stings I’ll go and suit up. I like the gentle touch of bare hands and the freedom of minimal gear on.
I reckon them little critters can smell fear lol


Seems that your link is private. I wasn’t allowed to look at it. :blush:


Oh drat!
I’m not much at tech stuff.
I have no idea how to make it work.
It was a clip of my four year old grandson and I going through a hive doing an inspection. He was right into it and up close. We both just wore our shorts, t-shirt and sandals.
Very cute.
Here’s another try.



Still doesn’t work, but if you are willing to open a (free) youtube.com account, and post the video as publicly available, that should work. :wink:

You can then make a link like this one, which anyone with a browser can see:


Might be out of luck Dawn.
It was recorded as a Facebook live.


You just need to change the privacy setting of the video to public and not private I think - then you can share it :0


One last try lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



This is all I see from the link:


Try this



Perfect! What a great little guy. He was more worried about the smoke than the bees! He obviously trusts you a lot. :blush:


Hi Dawn,
Thanks for persisting with me in this.
I’ve tried another method.
Let me know if it works please




That works too. But probably because you already fixed the sharing settings. :wink:


Nice video :slight_smile: I reckon he’ll be carrying on the beekeeping tradition :slight_smile: :honeybee:

p.s. - just so you know - you can right click and save your video. You can then upload it to Youtube etc if you feel like sharing your videos more on the forum :slight_smile:


Thanks for you help on it.
I’m really good at doing what I know how to do.
Now I can be really good at getting fb live stuff out of fb lol