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Homemade Bee Videos

We have a thread for bee photos, but as more people are now taking videos with their phones, I thought I would start this thread. If you have never posted a video to the forum, the easiest way to do it is to upload to YouTube first and don’t forget to make your video public.

Then post the link here, and we can all enjoy it!

Here is mine:


Thanks for that Dawn, that advice is well timed and described how to do it.

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Can I suggest to shoot videos on phones in landscape mode (horizontal) rather than portrait mode (vertical) so they fill the screen better?

Another tip. I find using the phone camera with bee gloves awkward. I recently discovered that photos can be taken by physically clicking one of the side buttons on iPhones, and sure it is the same on Androids. Much easier than using the touch screen with gloves.

Well I’m sure everyone knew that, but I only found out a month ago.


Can I suggest that you tell my husband to do that??? :rofl:


Except me :joy::flushed:


Just for you @Beethoven, I learned how to rotate the video in iMovie:

Do you feel special? You should! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Hey Dawn, yesterday you sounded like my wife:

Today you sound like my mother:

You’re very funny :slight_smile: I like it.

BTW, I like queen Topaz, looks like she knows what she’s doing!

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Thank you for taking it the right way! I hate doing really hard stuff, but it always teaches me something. Manipulating videos counts as hard stuff. I am struggling at the moment with networking issues in a “smart irrigation” system for our home. That counts as “really, really hard stuff”. No doubt I will feel happy when I beat it into submission and work out why it repeatedly tries to connect the furthest possible network repeater in our house. Must a 2.4 vs 5 GHz issue…

Queen Topaz is a champion! She didn’t lay for about 5 days after we released her. Then I realized that the hive may not have enough pollen to raise babies. Now she is doing a superb job, and the hive is booming. :blush:

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My ‘smart’ irrigation system by Hydrawise is anything but smart. It saves a lot of water all right, buy failing to realise that on hotter days it needs to water more not less, as programmed.

2.4GHz is slower but longer range. 5GHz is faster but shorter range. Mine connects on 2.4GHz and probably yours should too as controllers are usually a bit out of the way. You do not need speed, you need reliability and 2.4GHz is fine.

Which brings me to notion that nothing beats the reliability a manual watering can.

True, unless you are away for 3-4 weeks…

I understand the 2.4 vs 5GHz issues. It is just that my network doesn’t. The irrigation system is about 30 feet from the nearest WiFi point. Should work, and it does. For about 30 minutes. Then it drops off the network.


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Great idea @Dawn_SD :slight_smile:

I use latex surgical gloves and they work perfect on touch screen phones :grinning: