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Arnia Bar Scale

Does anyone have experience with the Arnia bar scale? I think that @Dawn uses their monitoring system.

The instructions say to place the bar on one end of the hive, a block of wood the same size on the other end, and the hive on top. I’m thinking that I could cut out two pieces of heavy plywood the same footprint as the hive, and sandwich the scale and opposing piece of wood on them, and then put my FlowHive 2 on top. It seems like that would distribute the weight. Any thoughts?


I have used it in the past, and I loved it. However it died in a big storm, and I haven’t been able to resuscitate it. The new system should be less prone to such problems. I am thinking about updating, but haven’t done it yet, so i can’t give you any hands-on advice. :wink:

Wow, that’s too bad. Did the whole system go down? We get so much less rain than in the UK — I’m surprised that happened!

Claire you asked specifically about the Arnia scales which I have no hands on experience with. I’ve been using the American made WiFiHiveScales for 4-5 years now and can not fault them. They do well in the Bee Informed assessment of hive scales too Hive Monitors – Bee Informed Partnership

The Australian distributor has “made” one to fit the FH2 and the American manufacturer should be able to do one similar for you too.

Have a look at the Aussie website Flow Hives

Adam, Thank you so much! I think I can rig something up like this. I’ll let you know how it goes. :blush: :honeybee:

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