Bee Hive Monitoring

Has anyone had dealings with in the Slovak Republic.
I really like the look of their system and looks like they ship to Australia.
I have looked at most other systems and they are expensive or require on going fees or don’t ship to Australia.
I like to see the data as the hive progresses.

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Be interested with peoples feedback on their products.

When I looked around I decided to use wireless tags for temp and humidity and wifiscales for weight.


Hi Adam where did you source your products?
Do you have a picture of the scale setup.
I assume you just write down the weight and trend it that way.

VZVGaz a friend and I purchased the scale from

The scale sends information back with ambient temp and graphs the data. We have worked with them on a few different options that you will not see on the website. They sell one, two and three load cell models now with their normal unit only collecting data each hour and a rapid fire model that will do it in customisable lengths down to 1.5min intervals. The do wifi and cellular too. They have a couple of different power options as, battery pack to diy battery options.

This is a two load cell unit on one of my long Lang’s with DIY solar battery.

This is the last 30 days of data

I’m having a few issues uploading the pictures for the temp/humidity sensor but the are from (there is a us and aust site, check to see which one is cheaper).

I’ll circle back and upload some pictures.

Sensor on brood frame

The UI for wireless tag is fairly good. It allows you to do some neat things.

Data from the pictured tag over the last week

You can also plot multiple tags on one graph. Same long Lang the same sensor above with one a bit out of the brood section for this time of year.


@Gaz did you end up ordering the kit? Was thinking about getting it myself but they didn’t reply to my email.

Hi Ammar I ended up buying a hive scale system from bee hive monitoring from Slovak Republic. It looks great seems to work ok via bluetooth app. Was $240 aud delivered Australia. I am about to put it in a week or 2. Has weight temperature and humidity in and out and sound frequency. A neat little app to trend and view data.

Thanks. Let me know how it goes as thinking about ordering one myself but couldn’t find any user reviews or hands on videos.

Have a good weekend.

Check out their facebook site a little more info there. It is a good little design.

Hey @Gaz, how’d you go with your setup? Would you recommend?

Hi Alex sorry for taking so long. It hasn’t been in long but it appears to be working well. The app is a little clunky but the data is starting to come through. The readings are really interesting as you can tell hr by hr weight humidity temp in and out noise and frequency. You can see when we smoked the hive and activity at daybreak etc.
I have attached some screen shots.

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Do you have any pictures of the set up on and in your hive?

I suspect your temp probe is either on top of the frames or between frames but not with brood both sides or in large numbers.

Hi Adam, I will keep an eye on it. The heart of hive which is about 40mm wide and about 6mm thick is sitting right across the two middle frames in the brood box just below the queen excluder. I didn’t get a chance to validate it so will use this at this stage to see changes in the trends.

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As I think I said above I use wireless tags 40x40mm square and about 6mm thick. When I placed them on the top of the frames I got very different values (28-31oC) to when I have brood around them (34.5-35.5oC). It just depends what you are using them for.

In my long hives by having them between frames I can “see” roughly where the brood has expanded and contracted to.


Perhaps I can try to hang it between frames. I just placed it where the suppliers recommended. See the pair of load cells.


The brood temperature sensor I get with Arnia is rather small, like 2 matchsticks. I hang it right in the middle of the middle frames.
Mind you, had some moments in winter when I wondered if I still had a queen. But she just contracted her brood to one side and my sensor was a frame over.


I’d seen these in a news article recently and was instantly hooked on the idea. I love tech like this! I’m really considering giving this system a go now.

This unit was by far the cheapest as they are a new company but so far so good.

Hi All
am seeking your expert opinion on the following couple of queries;
1-is it possible to have 2 hives above each other
2- is there any spider poison/pesticide thats bee friendly

As to your first question I often stack a single brood box hive in top of another hive simply because it is at a better height when I want to check how it is going.

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Hi peter
You probably misunderstood my first question. It will literally be 2 flowhives one above another on 2 shelves with considerable space above the lower hive, around 300mm And about 300 mm on either side.
As for the Secod question u don’t have an answer to it !!!

Thanks for ur responses and very much appreciated


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