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Bee Hive Monitoring


Has anyone had dealings with beehivemonitoring.com in the Slovak Republic.
I really like the look of their system and looks like they ship to Australia.
I have looked at most other systems and they are expensive or require on going fees or don’t ship to Australia.
I like to see the data as the hive progresses.


Be interested with peoples feedback on their products.

When I looked around I decided to use wireless tags for temp and humidity and wifiscales for weight.



Hi Adam where did you source your products?
Do you have a picture of the scale setup.
I assume you just write down the weight and trend it that way.


VZVGaz a friend and I purchased the scale from http://www.wifihivescale.com/

The scale sends information back with ambient temp and graphs the data. We have worked with them on a few different options that you will not see on the website. They sell one, two and three load cell models now with their normal unit only collecting data each hour and a rapid fire model that will do it in customisable lengths down to 1.5min intervals. The do wifi and cellular too. They have a couple of different power options as, battery pack to diy battery options.

This is a two load cell unit on one of my long Lang’s with DIY solar battery.

This is the last 30 days of data

I’m having a few issues uploading the pictures for the temp/humidity sensor but the are from http://wirelesstag.net (there is a us and aust site, check to see which one is cheaper).

I’ll circle back and upload some pictures.

Sensor on brood frame

The UI for wireless tag is fairly good. It allows you to do some neat things.

Data from the pictured tag over the last week

You can also plot multiple tags on one graph. Same long Lang the same sensor above with one a bit out of the brood section for this time of year.