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Arrived, built and oiled


Hello everyone
I want to thank everyone in the flowteam, hive was easy to put together and the frames arrived a week later, great! Spring has come to southern Sweden now, (Karlskrona) so now I’m just waiting for the bees to be inspected so they can be moved to its new home.


Beautiful! Your hive stand is very nice as well.


Looking good! I just put several thin coats of tung oil (cut with mineral spirits) on my hive last week. How long are you going to wait before putting bees in? I read somewhere I should wait a couple weeks, but I’m curious what your plan is.


If you used mineral spirits, you should definitely wait until the smell has completely gone - at least a couple of weeks. Hopefully you only put it on the outside… :wink:


Yes, definitely only on the outside.