So my Flowhive Finally turns up

Just a little bit late and still waiting for the Flow Frames

but I love it already :smiley:

the unbelievable smell of the Cedar was incredible when I opened it… it went right the house and it was like being in a timber yard the smell was that fresh… :smiley:

it went together nearly perfectly… I mainly used nail left over from my previous Hive Builds… for a while I thought I didn’t get anything to put it together but that’s because I didn’t empty out all of the boxes before I started… :blush:

I also made a stuffup with the Super and put the wrong ends on due to me being a Guy and not reading the instructions :blush:

but out with the file and everything was ok :smiley:

ya gotta love it :smiley:


I would also use a wood glue for assembly…

shouldn’t it be spelt funding?


we helped found their company (and gladly)

as in Create it

we founded the company with presales…

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They founded it we funded it?

We co-founded it with our funding…


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Something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t really matter they have done an amazing job of the hive and frames credit to them.

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the flowframes turned up today and they look fantastic in the newly painted Boxes :smiley:

so now they are near ready to go… i’ll leave it out near my other hives and let it weather for a week… also for the bees to get used to seeing it around :wink:

colours are just beautiful :slight_smile:


Wow whatever you used to seal your hive really brought out the colours in the wood. Nice pictures, thanks!


thanks for your comments Dawn,

I used a transparent outdoor decking oil that dries…

other oils stay wet/moist so will attract dust and will need regular maintenance…

the Tung Oil that had at the store was indoor only… not sure if there is an outdoor Tung Oil…

but the guy told me that this oil was good for 3 years… but once on… I read the fine print which says that it lasts for 6 to 12 months… :unamused:

so… next summer I will probably be looking for another type coating…

in the mean time… it looks awesome :grin:

Looks great! Are you putting something under the hive to lift it off the ground?

I’m thinking of putting it where that blue hive it… replacing that hive for this one…

I have been building up the brood on that box and they have yet to start in the top box so I was going to do a straight swap…