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Maintaining the outside of the Flow Hive after bees are already in


I used Tung oil to maintain the hive. It’s about a year and a half later and the harsh winter and summer has left the outside of the hive pretty weathered. I want o do something to maintain the wood. Is there anything I can do to maintain the outside while the bees are still inside. I don’t want to risk the health of the bees. So far the bees are doing well and we had our first honey collection on three super frames last week. we got almost 6 - 32 oz jars



Suit up (bee suit and veil) and sand the exterior gently along the grain with 200-220 sand paper. Apply 100% pure Tung Oil with an old t-shirt or a brush. The only thing you can’t do is the landing board. To reseal that, you really need to switch it out for a month or two, or bees will get stuck on it.

I would wait for a quieter foraging/bearding season though. Not too rainy, but when the hive is winding down. Perhaps late August to mid September in your area. Next year, consider doing it when the frosts are over - perhaps late April or early May?


Thanks, I was hoping there was a decent option. I will wait until the end of the season.



Just want to double check if your hive is Cedar or Araucaria? As this can affect your painting options.


I thought as he said 18 months old ( = year and a half to Aussies), Cedar was more likely. But good point @Faroe. :blush:


I think the time-frame is equivalent whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere Dawn :wink:
Italians also refer to a year and a half. And I think that means 18 months here too :stuck_out_tongue:


Get another box, paint it and swap. You always need spare boxes anyway…



@Dawn_SD Thanks for taking the time to explain to us Aussies considering we are down under we can still walk the same walk as you northerners, it is only if we jump to high we fall off the earth. Just today I was at a hive and had to hang on tight to the hive and my toes dug into the sand so I didn’t drift off. :wink: Look at a globe of the earth, we are upside down here.


Cedar. Thanks.



I do want to get another box soon as well, thanks.



Thanks, to all. I appreciate the feedback.



I see that your question has been well answered by others, all I can add is a welcome to the forum where there is a lot of answers to questions you will have in the Q&A sections but if you have something on your mind there are many here who are only too happy to give you good advise and help.