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Arson attack of bees in the US

Did anyone see this news report yesterday?

Arsonists burn more than half a million bees in shocking attack

Apart from my initial horror and disgust, I am concerned that this might not be a ‘one off’ event due to either, idiots copying this stupidity, or worse still, that it might be related to some of the animal activism we have seen recently.

I hope this tragedy is not repeated, but just in case, keep your ears to the ground.

Cheers, Ian


Oh how horrible. What a bizarre thing to do :exploding_head:

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It happens every year. Sad as it is there are people out there who want to sabotage our food supply, kill bees for a multitude of reasons. It’s a huge problem because bee farmers can not obtain insurance for bees. If you kill the bees of a commercial bee keeper you basically ruin that business and the bees. It’s really sickening.

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Wow, Martha. That is so tragic - I’m speechless…

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I did see it. I live in northwest Houston, Alvin isn’t all that far from here.

I hope someone got stung. Repeatedly.