Losing faith in mankind :(

lucky that I know people like you guys on this forum…

people who care about bees, nature and the earth… :slight_smile:

This is a scene from the documentary “More than Honey” it’s a great film. This sort of thing goes on in all walks of life and is a product for our consumerism and goods for profit. A good reason to buy honey from us backyard beekeepers.


It’s a rather disgusting way of doing splits. Even Mr. Miller, the operation’s owner, admits his own grandfather would not approve of the methods used at level today. His “excuse” of 10 times the hives, 10 times the employees, etc. is no excuse for that level of abuse.

The film, as a whole though, is a great exploration of beekeeping and pollination methods in various parts of the world. You can rent or buy the full film on Amazon and a few other popular digital video sites. You can also buy it on DVD or BluRay via Amazon or Kino Lorber Home Video.

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Wow. Just wow.
I grew up on a farm. It wasn’t super small (200 sow, farrow to finish), but by no means was it a factory.

I had no idea that there were operations like that.

i got a report from “the sum of us” this morning

A shocking new United Nations study finds that bees, butterflies, and other pollinators are in even greater danger than we previously thought – and may even be at risk of extinction.
Conducted by a top team of 70 U.N. scientists, the report is the first-ever global study on the health of bees and other pollinators. And the results are much, much worse than many expected.
*_Meanwhile, Bayer, one of the world’s biggest producers of bee-killing pesticides, is SUING the European Commission to lift its ban on the pesticides that are driving bees toward extinction.

We’re organizing a major action to demand that Bayer drop its suit and stop killing bees. Will you chip in AU$1 to help save the bees before they’re gone?_**


I know a lady beekeeper near here who lost FOUR hives the day after there was aerial spraying on crops near her place just recently…

apparently on this occasion, they were spraying for crickets… but they killed everything including the bees… :expressionless:

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It is pretty interesting how in many places you have to get your neighbors consent to keep bees in your back yard, and yet you don’t have to get all your neighbors consent to poison them…


This is how you spread disease, food poisoning and god knows what else - it sickens me to see this - this is no batter than barbaric methods of livestock slaughter. This sort of production gives bee keeping a bad name, and complete disrespect of the bees


here’s the story about the bees dying after farmers called in the sprayers…

its astonishing to find out that other chemicals could have been used that are not harmful to bees but weren’t used… and if this is the case, then why aren’t these deadly chemicals banned??

and what is it doing to the food that they are spraying??

any wonder there is so much cancer around these days…

Hi Andrew, I just watched that for the first time. I feel sick. Commercial beekeeping doesn’t have to be like that, I’m sure. If the operator cared more about his bees & less about money, he wouldn’t let that sort of thing happen to his bees.

yeah, I felt the same way the first time that I saw it… a lot of what they are doing is just laziness…

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