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Assembly and modifications


I have read a few comments regarding poor quality craftsmanship, but I am amazed at the precision of the woodwork on my Flow honey super. All of my joints are squeaky tight and aligned. That said, I have two small issues.

  1. After completing the assembly, the key access cover doesn’t fit behind the latch. I adjusted the frame screws as instructed, but now they sit so far back, the access cover won’t fit between the frames and the latch. If I adjust the screws to make room, the frames won’t be flush with the back of the box.
  2. With the position of the access cover knobs, my hive lid won’t be able to drop into position.

Anybody have the same issues?


I haven’t heard of this before. Are you able to post a photo? It is hard to visualize what you mean.

There are 2 possible reasons for this. The most common is that the roof is on back to front. One end of the roof is cut shorter than the otters to allow access to the knobs. Just turn it through 180 degrees and see if it fits properly the other way around. The second possible reason is that you received two long end sections for the roof - one is not shorter, when it should be. That has happened to one other forumite. Again, I would suggest photos and measuring it. If the wrong wood part was sent out to you, Flow are pretty quick about getting a replacement shipped.