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When building, one of the ends is 1/4" smaller?

Hi, when building my flow hive two of the ends are the same exact size and one is 1/4" smaller. There are three pieces that are supposed to be the exact same (which are the ends) and then there is the two pieced end. Those four ends (two for the brood box and two for the top box) are supposed to be the exact same size to make the boxes square. But one of the ends is 1/4" smaller in width. Is it supposed to be smaller??

just so we can be clear. your saying 1/4" smaller, can you provide the 2 over all dim so we can do the math, this way we can make sure we are re-measuring the same dim your measuring.

I have just learned that we all are thinking something different when we give a description of something, this will help us

@gtmac have you got the Flow box or the Full Flow Hive.

Lay all the pieces out and dry build the box if you are not sure photograph it so we can see.

The Brood box will be 2 sides and 2 ends - put those to one side

The Flow box is 1 end and a split end with arched piece and 2 sides, also a small piece for the top of the arched end which makes it to full height at the Flow end and a metal bar goes under the Flow end.
Also one of the sides is the View window and cover.

Make sure you have the correct Side pieces for the Flow - they have a very small ledge cut into the side pieces at the Flow end - This may be the smaller bit you are talking about??

This "ledge is the rebate for the Metal bar and should have drill hole to accommodate the metal and will make it flush when assembled

When I built the top box one end measures 14" and the other end measures 13 3/4". My husband just spread the sides wider, and attached it leaving a 1/8" gap in the dovetail. It’s fine now but confusing that the sides aren’t the same.

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Hi Tina, that may be a manufacturing fault, however I’d be inclined to make the dovetailed joins tight.

I was contacted by Flow Hive and they’re going to send a new end piece.

Well done, that’s good news. cheers:)

Well I have just received mine and also have a problem with the brood box in that the one end is cut short so nothing lines up.

I wanted to contact flow direct with photos but cannot find an email address and cannot attach photos to the email in their contact page


Unfortunately I got excited when I recieved the bits and contacted my supplier to install a Nuc on Saturday.




@Beethinking @Jed one for you guys

More photos

Looks like the jig was not lined up properly

Just a thought, but did you use a square tool and clamps to keep everything aligned before you started putting screws in? The other thing I do is just put in one screw per corner, then check alignment, readjust if necessary, this is much easier to do with just one screw bracing a non-square corner. :sunglasses:

Also, did you measure the opposite sides? Are they really shorter? It may just be a question of angles in the corners making it seem shorter if they are not truly square. Any info you have will help us help you.


Chris, I received a message from a member of the flow team to send them pictures and they will replace the part that was faulty. Send your photos to their support staff via info@honeyflow.com and hopefully they will take care of these parts ASAP.

Dawn, it is definitely the parts. My husband is a home builder and had all the correct tools. Sometimes these things happen but they are willing to replace the piece.

This whole group of people/flow hive group is one fantastic organization you can tell they want to do the right thing. I am utterly amazed at their level of making things right and wanting to do the right thing. So happy to be part of this entire group.

So glad to hear you’re having a positive experience as well, despite any minor issues

I’m sorry about that.
Please email us here - info@honeyflow.com with pictures so that we can respond and file your email correctly.

Thanks Faroe. I have sent the photos and recieved an auto response so I suspect that something should
happen soon.

The team is busy catching up since getting back from Christmas/New Years Holidays :slight_smile:

Won’t be too long.

I too am having a bit of a problem assembling the hive. The box corners do not just slide together as shown in some of the assembly videos. I’ve literally had to sand spots a bit at a time to get them to fit. The wooden observation window also does not fit in it’s space properly, It’s too big and came all chipped up. I’ve had some work to do before I could even get to screwing it together. Anyone else having a problem ?

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Sorry about that.
If you send some pictures to info@honeyflow.com with your order number we can arrange the replacement parts.