Assembly of new flow hive using my wooden ware

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Hello I am assembling my new flow hive. Made all my cuts started putting tubes in and I have a large gap on one side or the other. I used screws to make the gaps about the same. The gap would allow bee’s up beside the outside wall and flow tube. Should I make a small piece of metal like they use on bottom in back for both sides as well. Any suggestions helpful. I’ll try and get pictures tomorrow.

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Did the split in the side wall occur when you screwed it together?

Hiya Troy, on the Flow boxes a wooden strip is stapled running up the inside corner to fill the gap.

Yes John I messed up hope I got it fixed.

Skeggley Wouldn’t I need something at bottom to keep the bees from getting up in there.

I have the same problem on my hives, not sure what to do to fix it yet other than put a cedar shim along the top.

Looks like a good place for beetles.


Good work cutting your own box! When we produce the Flow boxes we attach approximately 5mm thick strips of wood to the sides of the box to fill that gap and keep the frames from wiggling back and forth. I’m not sure what width your box started out at, but that will impact the thickness of the strips.


Matt do you put that on both sides or just one side. My boxes were purchased just not from flow hive.

Both sides, both ends keeping the frames central. The frames in mine are really tight which will cause issues when I do an inspection before harvest.

Both like this.