Australian concerns over contaminated bees wax

This will be of interest to bee keepers in Australia who use foundation in their frames.

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The government needs to bring back tariffs on certain imports and stop the importation of absolutely everything (because of free trade) when we can service the market quite satisfactorily ourselves.

The Chinese have just blocked our beef exports so why don’t we block any and all of their bee related products in return?

Wouldn’t a tariff increase the prices we pay?
Like bee suits sold in Australia are made in Pakistan and for many reasons none are made here. Australia used to manufacture for the Australian market but now we import so much, even our food.
I can’t think of anything about bee keeping other than bee wood ware that isn’t made over seas now. With the high cost of freight to get products into Australia would the added cost of a tariff benefit anyone except the tax man?

Sorry Peter I’m not an economist, all I know is when I was growing up we still made things like cars, steel, clothes, shoes, tools etc etc, and at that point we had a lot of tariffs that protected our industries. We also used to regulate milk prices so dairy farmers could actually make an income.

Now we’re just a tourism/mining destination that sends out raw materials and brings back poorly made finished goods.

I’m not even sure what percentage of timber hiveware is made here anymore, my guess is less than 50% given the number of people selling stuff from NZ or China.

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The sad thing Steve is that we in Australia have little manufacturing industries left so there is nothing left for a tariff applied left to protect. The unfortunate thing is Australia imports poorly designed and made products in countries where poor wages, child labor and even prison labor is used in corrupt countries by our standards to produce a product that the rest of the world can’t make for the price. Sorry, this is not the forum to say the world is going very sour very fast, while our governments turn their backs…
I actually opened this thread about paraffin in bees wax which I started a couple years ago but now there is proof that what I said then has proven correct.

The problem comes from Aussies not supporting Aussie made, even our moron Pollies buy everything from overseas, even when we had manufacturers in Australia making the same items.
Virtually ever desk and chair a Polly used was bought from over seas and I am talking back in the 60’s and 70’s.
I am a Painter and I helped to paint the new jail at Goodna and they imported very expensive timber to line the Gym with as a feature that cost a small fortune and we had to use an imported clear to coat the wood with.
Millions of dollars wasted on a Gym for Prisoners and I suppose the guards may also be able to use it ?
I have seen so much stupidity like that over the years, look at the new trains the Government in QLD bought, they were made in India for christs sake, we could have made them here, they had loads of problems as well when they did finally arrive.
People would rather save ten cents on imported Pineapple pieces than buy Aussie grown and canned.
Drive through Turkey and see how they dry the fruit everyone here buys, it’s on large racks on the sides of the roads with traffic driving right next to them and who knows what gets dropped onto them.
I saw a couple loads when they were delivered and theyw ere coverd in mould.
I think it’s disgusting that our Pollies don’t give a rats and it seems nor do most Aussies and if they saw where the food they eat came from and how it was produced they would never eat anything from over seas again.
Now not all food from over seas is like that there is some regulated properly, but if you ever get sick after eating something and can’t work out why just look at where the product you ate came from.