Mind your beeswax

…The soaring price of Australian beeswax could be bad news for local beard owners – and good news for scammers – as demand for high-quality beeswax heats up.

New uses for the wax – from cosmetics to food wraps – and the comparative health of Australia’s bees have driven the export price of Australian beeswax up in the global marketplace…


I am getting lot of moaning and groaning by beekeepers, the price of foundation is skyrocketing… on the flipside, customers are happy to pay a premium for australian pure beeswax as they know its free of chemicals … good news if you make skin creams, lip balm and wax wraps.

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Even @ $2.35 a sheet, I think wax foundation is still fair value.


lol local beard owners? I thought you wrote it wrong, then I went to the article and it’s written "leaves bearded Australians "
Am I missing something?

I am sure you must be Faroe, I’m is Aussie and somehow this has gone past me like a freight train on a downhill grade. Wish someone would add the joke first, and then the punch line :hushed:

@Faroe and @Peter48 it is referring to the fact that beeswax is now (more commonly) being used in beauty products etc. Beeswax when mixed with a few other things actually forms a good hair product…hence the beard reference. I also think it is a word play on the bearding of bees.

…at least that is my interpretation and I’m sticking to it :slight_smile:


Thanks @SnowflakeHoney and there was me thinking @JeffH had let the cat out of the bag. A dusty day at the Men’s Shed making bee boxes. Wife was not impressed, clothes in the garbage, your not making my washing machine dirty. That was what it was bought for thinks me. Lucky I wasn’t thrown in the garbage as well :smirk:


Now I have found where this started Alan, so I guess I have been hung, drawn and quartered by self inflicted injury, There was me and @Faroe wondering what was on the go that we had missed. How do I delete the photo? :grin:

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@Peter48 go back and edit your post. Delete the image and repost. That should do it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Alan, Jeff has already had his laugh about it, no harm done except to my ego as a clean young lad.

I wondered if it was about beard products. But such a strange heading, like that is the greatest use of beeswax products in Australia?.. hmmm
Anyway, nice to see the photo @Peter48, looks like you need a bit of beeswax product for your beard :wink: lol


Costs $2.50 here - if they have any. Last spring most of the suppliers here had shortages. I grabbed a box of a 100 just before my supplier ran out.

I’ve produced over 250 kgs of honey and have only made 1 kg of wax. :sleepy:

Actually Faroe it wouldn’t surprise me if beard owners were now one of the biggest buyers of bees wax- we’ve had an exponential growth in beardiness here over the last ten years. Every hipster and his dog has a beard.

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Why don’t you harvest wax early in the season when the nectar flow is strong? It does impact honey production but it’s what I do. (Fresh beeswax smells divine)

Hi Alan, what do you do with it (the wax)…apart from smelling it :grin:?

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I don’t do anything except cut it out of the frames early in the season or collect it as I scrape excess or burr comb off frames when I do inspections. My wife, however, makes a range of things:

  • Hair wax (different recipe depending on the season)
  • Skin moisturiser
  • Natural Vicks ™ substitute
  • Natural ointment/wax for topical application for insect bites to minimise swelling and reduce itching
  • Chapsticks / lip balm
  • Food wraps
    …and probably a few other things I’m forgetting.

Actually next season I plan to harvest more and more honey by crushing rather than spinning. The best comb will be sold as cut comb and the rest cold pressed. So my wax production should increase- at the cost of some honey. I plan to use a lot of foundationless ideal supers to achieve this. So I’ll also not use as much foundation.

Even so- they say $30 is a lot to pay for wax- but when you consider what goes into producing it- it actually seems like a bargain.


Wow! That is excellent Alan…