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Avalon Beekeepers, Sydney!


Let’s catch up if you are on the Peninsular;)


Hi Mark

Max here from the Blue Mtns.

I purchased native bees from you back in Dec 15. You offered me 12 month support and I have emailed you regarding a concern that I had and I have never heard back from you. My concern still is that the bees have closed up their entrance hole by approx 50%. Is this something to worry about ? Why would they do this ?


No. That’s the entrance size they like, easier to defend, so leave them to it


Hi Dee

Thanks for the advise, it was most helpful.

I was just hoping to get some advise from my PAID mentor who promised me 1 year support when I purchased my native bee package from him. I’m not getting any backup from him and when I saw him on this forum, I thought that I had another chance to try and make contact for support but not heard a word. I think that it is rather ironic that I get this needed support from someone else on the other side of the globe who has no financial interest in the matter, just a genuine not for profit interest to help other so THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I think that I will be requesting a refund from PAYPAL as I did not seem to get what was advertised and what was paid for - but that’s another story.


did you manage to find anyone in your area Marty?