Need a tour in Sydney/Blue Mountains area

Hi all,

I’ve got some friends coming from korea on holiday to sydney and theyre in the bee keeping business overseas.

They’ve heard about the honey flow tap boxes and would love to get some more information and hands on experience. Unfortunately bungalow where the manufacturing is based is quite far.

Is there any one in sydney or surrounding areas like blue mountains with a decent number of these honey flow boxes who could maybe explain the boxes and talk about your experience with them? Preferable the 7th, 8th or 9th November

Wouldn’t be for too long maybe an hour or two and will happily organise payment for your trouble. They are professionals and you will most likely have very good discussions about honey farming.

If anyone can help me out please reply here or contact via email


I bet @Rodderick knows somebody… :blush:

Hey, would love to help but I have just finished harvesting for this season… will be pulling off the Flow frames this weekend, after a couple of years they have built up a fair bit of propolis, time for a thorough clean.
I am located on the north of Sydney and a long way from the mountains, perhaps someone in the Blue Mountains could assist but I do not think there is any commercial operators up that way.

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Anywhere within 3-4 hours of Sydney would be fine, doesn’t necessarily have to be large commercial (and from my experience trying to contact the commercial farms ; they are not interested)

If you know of anyone that can help out please let me know

Thank you!

Can I suggest you make contact with the Amateur Beekeeping Association of NSW, they may be able to help. There are branches all over Sydney. One of the issues is your dates, its mid week and most beekeepers are either out tending hives in the country or at their regular jobs. Much of the hobbyists hives and beekeeper club field days are tended to on the weekends.


Tried contacting many of them from the association but unfortunately not even a reply which is why i was only left with posting here for help.

Really appreciate your help, i also understand its kind of short notice too, i only found out over the weekend.

Just not sure what to do. The only “farm” per se in nsw that has responded has been the bee keepers inn in Vittoria. Most others are just run from the garage. Is bee keeping not a big thing in australia or are all the farms just in very regional areas?

Is there anyone with a flow box willing to have 20 people over for an hour or two just to explain the box, your experiences with it and answer some questions? Really getting desperate here :frowning: will ofcourse be compensated for your time

Beekeepers in Australia are migratory, hives are moved hundreds of kilometers many times during the year and it’s hard work and long hours with very little return so I can understand that they just don’t have the time or internet access to respond. There is also the biosecurity risk which is why even us small time beekeepers do not get tours. I have tried in the past. The beekeepers Inn in Vittoria are good people but theyre also migratory beekeepers and don’t have Flow hives. I wish you the best of luck.

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Cheers, i assume spring time would be an extremely busy period as well. Thanks so much for your help!

Here’s another thought contact Doug or Vicky at the Urban Beehive in Sydney, they may be able to do something for you. They are commercial beekeepers, sell equipment and honey and have their hives in the suburbs. You can only ask.

Will do! Thanks again

We have our Bee club directory here: