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Newbie needing some help


Hey guys, just wanted to ask a few questions about the location of my first hive.

I have a Jacaranda down on the left hand side of my veranda and was thinking it might be the best spot for the hive.

The only problem I have is my bar is located just above the tree and that there’s a public walkway just beyond my green fence separating my property from council land.

Any insight and wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Liam,
Bees are very tolerant in Australia and can be placed successfully almost anywhere, they do like the morning sun but will be attracted to the lights of your house if they are facing in that direction. Also, I would keep them out of sight from anyone using the public path, people are notorious for complaining about bee beehives if they can see them…


I think I would be inclined to place the hive close to & face the entrance towards the green fence after fixing a panel onto it so that the bees go up & over it, rather than through it.

PS. After reading @Rodderick’s post, maybe a couple of side panels to keep the hive out of view could be warranted.


HI. Newbie from Africa … Fantastic jacarandas,always a favorite foodsource.
Ironically invasive trees have captured the imagination of my countrymen…and our bee population,!
Place looks amazing!


At the base of the jacaranda on a concrete flagstone,or the section of flat roof in the picture ?


Hive and Bees have been successfully installed. Photo below shows the bees have settled in, accepted the Queen and are removing the unfortunate dead.