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Hello from QLD Australia


Hi all,
my name is Brett and I live in QLD Australia.

I Live in Caboolture which is about half way from Brisbane to the sunshine coast,

I dont have any honey bees at the moment apart from two hives of native stingless bees, I am planning on getting my first couple of hives off JeffH once I move house.

finding this forum very interesting now i have the hang of it lol


Hi Brett, I am in Northgate and got a colony from Jeff recently. He is very helpful and a great source of information. I am hoping to put my super on in the next couple of weeks depending on how the bees are filling out the brood box which I will have a better idea of this afternoon. I am planning on sharing my experiences on the forum so hopefully I can learn more and others can learn from my mistakes.



Hi Paul,

yes we love going up to see Jeff and Wilma, their fantastic peoples.

I have always wanted an observation hive as i find bees fascinating little buggers, on Jeff’s advice I will get a second hive going at the same time to enable better management,

how did u go with ur hive this afternoon?