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Bee hive up - tennants due any week!


I’m pretty chuffed with this and looking forward to getting some bees.

Ps i know the bottom box is upside down!

Where to locate the bee hive

That looks like it will make for interesting inspections :slight_smile:


That wouldn’t suit me, I’m scared of heights.


I’ve tried to design the hive stand to be big enough for two hives + space to move boxes and frames.

My only concern is that access is by ladder so if I have to get a full box down or up for some unforeseen reason… fingers crossed. I do have a plan for a davit if absaloutely necessary.


@Dunc friend of mine is a fireman. His hives are on the roof of his garage. He uses a ladder only. But I don’t think it is slanted. Would you be safer screwing a ladder and rail for safety.


A simple winch and pulley system would take all the struggle out of getting equipment up and down. It would take a bit of know how and construction to get it done but if you put the hive and base up there you should be able to figure it out.


Looks Good Dunc, similar to what I’m planning.


I’ve just received my nuc and put it up next to the intended hive. When I opened the entrance (about 6pm, 1h before sunset) the bees came out and flew around and many clustered on the outside of the box.

It’s now 8.40pm and dark and though there are less, there’s still a fair few clustered on the front of the hive. It’s not particularly warm about 16ºC. Is this normal behaviour, does it just mean the nuc is chock full of bees or they fancy stretching their legs after being stuck inside for half a day?


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They were back in the nuc in the morning and bringing pollen in too.


Transferred them to the hive… just one sting after i accidently squashed a bee. I found it quite hard work… the nuc was pretty full as it was overcast and towards the end of the day. But didn’t have any other time to do it.

I’m not sure my smoke was cool enough… do you just need to add more wet grass if it still feels warm?


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I’m not sure if it’s “The Fat Bee Man” or “Walls Bee Man” says it well when he says not to bar-b-q your bees.


Maybe you could get extra long hoses to drain it, and control it via bluetooth