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Bee Informed Partnership Hive Scale Data


I don’t know how many people are aware of this, but the Bee Informed Partnership has an interactive map of hive scales. Most are in the US, but there are some in other parts of the world. If you want an idea of what nectar flow is like in your area, and you don’t have a hive scale, you can try to find one the map close to you. Ours is the one in San Diego. :blush:


You can even check whether hives within 100 miles of @Red_Hot_Chilipepper agree with him that the flow is over in his area. :smile: The only disadvantage is that many hives show on the map, but the data hasn’t been uploaded/downloaded recently.


Very cool. Thanks @Dawn_SD. If I am reading it properly then I think I may still be in a flow


No data since July 3rd, but up to that point I agree. Looks like they harvested at the beginning of July too. :wink:


Definitely still a flow in eastern Ontario (at least in the Ottawa valley); it has rained every third day so far this summer so things are growing like mad.

My bees are crowding out the brood box with nectar, because they can’t draw comb fast enough to fill out the second box. I’ve had to empty some of the combs to give them some space as they are intent on swarming.

A friends broodminder recorded over 20 pounds increase on Tuesday in our area!