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Calling Houston-area peeps


Newbie here… Just looking around to see who is in my area as I am just getting started. For those in the Houston area, I’m in Seabrook (very near Kemah)…

Flowhive is still in the box – preparing a spot for a hive… I’m picking up a nuc in late May…



Houston Texas....anyone have a Honey Flow?

Hello? Is this thing on?

Beuller? Beuller?



Wished I lived near you, we would have a blast discussing bees and medicine. :wink:



Hey @MichaelD I’m in the memorial area of Houston… anyone else out there in my neck of the woods?



Howdy! I am a newbie and reside in Missouri City, TX on the southwest side of Houston. We just purchased and received 2 of the new 10 frame hives and are preparing them for bees. We have friends down the road that have 2 Flow hives as well and are in their second season of keeping bees. They just split one of their hives and gave us 4 frames in a temporary box until we can finish airing our hives out from the coat of water sealant we put on them last weekend. I still need to purchase a suit and put the supers together that we bought but, other than that, we are ready to go. We will be keeping our bees out in Eagle Lake on some property out there.

Hope to hear from more Flow people in the area! We could use all the help we can get from people in hot, humid climates almost all year round!



Hi, very new to learning about bees. I work in Houston area but live out in the county. On old laptop keyboard sticks so sorry if i miss a key stroke sometimes. Looking for a place to see how this is working and if i can do the work. Found I can not lift or move a standard type hive. Tried talking with a beekeeper in Austin area but he was very negative on even looking or learning about flow hive. Hoping to connect with those using some flow hives so i can see and get correct information. :slight_smile:



Hey, Bob here from Katy. I purchase my flowhive two years ago and started my hive in May two years ago. Got 18.5 gallons out last year which I am not expecting so much this year. I think it was just beginners luck. However, I did just post this video I took while heating up my soup for lunch!

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Hi, I’m up in The Woodlands and just thinking about getting a Flow Hive. Do you have one? How’s it going? Connie



Hi, I see your post is from 2018…Do you still have it? Hows it going?