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Bee keepers in Central Portugal


Hi All,
We are well on our way to our move to central Portugal (south of Coimbra)
What we would love to do is find bee keepers in the area to be able work with
in starting our own hive(s)



What a wonderful opportunity…I’m full of envy
Let us know how you get on.
Have you any time to take a basic beekeeping course before you go?
You need to swat up on The Asian Hornet
Good luck



Glad to hear of your interest in Beekeeping. Finding a local mentor n beekeeper is the best idea. Even with returning to beekeeping after a long absence finding a mentor n this forum was one of the most important discisions I made other than deciding to raise bees again. Welcome aboard here.

Wishing you a pleasant n successful journey,



thanks for that, we are half way through a bee keeping course!!
Will let you know how things develop.


Thanks very much