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Netherland bee keepers

New to this and looking for a club or experienced bee keeper to help me get started.

Welcome Chuck,

There’s a lot of experienced n Newbees here so don’t feel out of place. Just ask n it will be given you ! Glean/use what you want, learn n keep moving on. There is info n thots from variety of continents, hemispheres n climates so you’ll have to learn to adjust … Also varied opinions (non wrong) but thus learned under differing ideas n thots. Basics are basic every where … Like if ya mess up you might get stung ! :wink::+1:.

Anyway … Welcome aboard !!
Gerald from Washington state US

Thank you Gerald, the more I read here the more I am learning. You are right, there is a lot of info out there and I am weeding my way through it all to determine what is correct for me. I think the biggest thing is the regulations I might encounter here in the Netherlands. They have rules for the rules, so I need to find out what I can and can not do before investing too much tie and money. None the less, I am enjoying this new adventure and look forward to the experience.

Thanks again for the welcome and advice. It is greatly appreciated.

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Probably better get chatting with the locals n bee organizations. I’m guessing they’ve waded thru the regs n crap before n know how navigate.

Ta ta


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Hi, I’m a new beekeper in The Hague (starting next season). Where do you live?

I live in Raalte, near Zwolle in Overijssel. I also hope to start next season, but have a lot to learn first. I know you are new too, but do you have any advice?

so much advice! :slight_smile: The best one is one that will be popping up on this board everywhere … I suggest that you approach the Zwolle beekeeping club and see if you can either take a course there or at least shadow an experienced beekeeper. I am taking a course in The Hague this year from March to September and it has really been great. Met a few beekeepers through the course who will help me out as well as my fellow course mates, and we help each other out starting our hives.

The Zwolle association website is here: http://www.bijenteeltverenigingzwolle.nl/. Feel free to PM me if you want to exchange contacts

good luck!

Actually there’s one in Raalte / Lettele as well … maybe more convenient :slight_smile:


WOW, this is great. Thank you for the leads. Having a club and another keeper so close will definitely help.

Great you guys ! It’s nice to have others to guide n encourage one another. Often things aren’t like in the text-book n classes so nice to get a mentor or more experiences person to help thru the unique, different n bumpy situation …

I have a small woodshop so use my winter building equipment or assembling kits too. I’ve current have six full Langstroth built with four in use n one Nuc (5 frame) in use. I plan to build one more either 8 or 10 frame setup n possible five more Nuc boxes … I like to plan ahead n :honeybee: ready. That sure saved me this first season when I caught a swarm n also had to do a colony emergency split to keep one of my new hive colonies from Swarming. Usually bees don’t swarm their first season but I lost one swarm that flew too high in the trees. Bummer but that’s life in beekeeping.

Good luck n yes ! Get some classes !

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Just wanted to give everyone an update. I am in touch with several of the local bee clubs, especially the one in Zwolle and hopefully will be going through some courses with them next season. Thank you everyone for the info. Apparently there are some 70 beekeepers in my immediate area, so I have a lot of help now.

That’s great, good luck :slight_smile:


That’s so awesome to hear ! Glean as much as you can even now … Time seems to fly so quickly n soon you are looking face to face with with your own MASS/Nuc of Girls​:honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:’s n saying, ohhhhhhh " Chitttttt " !! Now what ?" :sunglasses::+1:. Also get couple good books n watch few vids in the mean time.

Doing a little woodshop prepping my hives for coming winter… I’m always trying to think n keep one step of the coming season.

Good luck bro,

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