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Hello from Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Hi All,

Thought I would sign up and say hello from Aberdeenshire in Scotland.

I’m thinking of purchasing the new Hive 2 as a present for my wife. She has dreamed of keeping bees and with us moving out of the city this summer it seems the ideal time to firstly learn as much as possible this year and look to start keeping bees next spring.

Look forward to learning as much as possible.



Join your local beekeeping association and learn with them this year? You’ll find out what the average yield is for a colony up there. I don’t know whether a big hive of any description is a possibility. Your neighbours will know. Proximity to heather will be important too. You can’t collect heather honey on Flow frames. It might be simpler for a start to buy both of you a decent course from Aberdeen and district.


Hi Dee,

Thanks for your reply. I had planned to join up and attend the many free events etc they hold. Luckily they hold them about 15mins drive away from our new house.

We are moving to the suburbs along the side of the river Dee so no heather near us.