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Bee necklace for the lady beekeepers


Since the wife seems to be getting into bees as much as I am, I might get her one of these https://planethomestead.com/products/beautiful-and-unique-sterling-silver-bee-on-the-honeycomb-necklace?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=buyerlookalike-bees&utm_campaign=Beenecklace


Lucky lady. It is very pretty, Chet! Unfortunately I can’t wear most silver, it gives me a breakout of eczema. But if I could, I would be delighted with a gift like that. :wink:


Phew, when I saw the heading I was imagining people threading bees, :worried: just as well I kept reading. :wink:


Nice. It’s 925 Sterling @Dawn_SD, It should be good.
I can’t wear anything alloyed with nickel.

Bad itch, then a rash.


I have that one I bought it for £6