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Plastic Frames For Sale


I have about 50 deep all plastic frames to sell for cheap. They are in good condition and all have been built on before, most have old wax on them and you’d have to clean them or let the bees do it, but I’m sell all as is for 50 cents each. you pay shipping. I also have several medium plastic frames as well for same price. I’m located in Lusk, Wyoming 82225 if you want to figure shipping. For a larger box full parcel post would probably be the cheapest. They don’t weigh much since they are plastic with no wood. I’ve used them and the bees will accept them but I prefer wooden frames over plastic.


Hi Tony, I found that bees prefer wood/wax over plastic, so if the bees prefer wood/wax over plastic, I prefer it, same as you.


You guys have fussy bees, ours don’t seem to notice one way or the other ; -)

And just a note; Letting the bees clean old foundation is a good way to accidentally spread disease. Perhaps you should suggest to buyers that they plan on cleaning the frames before they go into new hives?


Thanks for the concern Sara. All these frames have been wintered. I guess I should explain that comment. They have all been allowed to be exposed to below zero temps for two winters now. Anything that might have been in them is dead. It’s just old wax on them. I don’t have the time or inclination to clean them all and if I don’t sell them, they will most likely end up in the dump as I don’t like using them. As much wax build up thats on them the bees didn’t not like them, it’s me that doesn’t like them. I prefer wood products over plastic. Although I’ve heard that some bees do reject them, these never were.