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Bee Photographs



What kind of flower? It looks like a dogwood tree or a hydrangea. Beautiful picture!


Thanks Martha - it is a hydrangea! ‘Oak leaf’. Has tons of pollen underneath the outer petals & all manner of bees were going nuts in there.


OK, here is another one. I am not really into anthropomorphism, but this lady has some great insights. Got to love the Scottish accent too!


My daughter just sent me that one! It is pretty sweet :nerd_face::honeybee::cherry_blossom:


Wall to wall honey in flowhive this year! Can’t wait for this to be capped and then let the fun begin.


Well they’ve nearly finished capping, looks like a harvest this weekend.

They’ve managed to fill nearly every available flow hive cell this season, can’t wait to taste it.


Get in there :smiley:
Where are the bees going to put and ripen all the other honey coming in?
The brood box?


The bees need to hurry up and draw out this foundation.
-The Queen


I have seen queens lay in comb as shallow as that. Don’t worry, the workers get with the program once there are eggs in the cells! :smile:


I agree with @Dawn_SD, I have also seen eggs in shallow comb.


I have seen the same with my bees, where the queen laid on the comb that was just shallow and the bees then got their act together.


The queen has done her part. But our flow is slowing to a trickle here in Maryland USA so I’ve started feeding to get the last few combs drawn out.


Thanks to Dawn’s suggestion on speeding up capping, I keep a shallow comb super on top of the flow hive at all times.

The full Flowhive is the 2nd hive from the left. It is the only hive that survived the ridiculous Canadian winter we had. All the rest are new NUCs this spring.



I notice you are operating two queen hives on double brood, how much honey do you get from those hive on a good year. compared with a single queen hive? Would like to learn more about the method.


My latest queen, just after release. I think they like her! :smile:


I’m just starting with the two queen hives from NUCs this year so won’t get a representative sample as I’ve missed the main flow. Hopefully with a better overwintering success, next year I’ll get a good test.


I don’t know anyone here in the UK using that system, therefore would like to learn from someone who is using the system.


Here you are

Sorry, just copy paste as I don’t have a clue myself

To my mind running a Demarree with a queen on the top as well as the bottom would do it…but you’d end up with quite a stack.

I wonder how easy it is to do inspections with one of these double-decker things?


I’m seriously impressed with the number of Flow hives you have.