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Bee Photographs


If it was me, I would be thinking, “look at how much food I have brought home for our babies, but now I have to lug it up several flights of crowded stairs, and pack it all away myself!”


I’d be thinking, “there has got to be more in life than this, hell… I don’t even get to hanky panky… those drones are useless.” just saying.


Found this in yard today, what is it?


Looks like a drone honey bee, down on his luck. He has probably been attacked - hairless (that is why he looks black) and missing parts of his legs. Poor guy.


Its large, just over 2cm.


Oh yes, I missed that. Bit big for a honey bee, but the eyes are what made me think a drone. Maybe somebody else has a better idea. Still looks like he has been attacked by other insects. :cry:


Some type of bumble, thin & ragged from rough living?


The extra long thorax as well as the long & curled under antennae steers me away from a bee drone.


Ok, take two. This time I’m sure :grin:
Unfortunately I only had my phone but now I know where they’re hanging out I’ll start stalking with my camera.


Nice one. They’re out here too but as they don’t land on the flowers they are difficult to capture.
Great for the tomatos. :+1:




So Brad, a couple of years ago did you think you’d be running around the garden taking photos of insects???


:grin: even one year ago I probably wouldn’t even have noticed. I just downloaded an app that tells me what sort of plants I’ve got :roll_eyes:.
Beekeeping certainly changes your perspective of things.


It’s remarkable. Since setting up the hive, your awareness of insects in general skyrockets. Consistently find these native guys and many others in the courtyard.


Does anyone know what these are?! Sorry, only using phone camera and zooming in quite a bit.


Resin bee?


How did you manage to capture that photo?!?!?! It’s fantastic.


Thank you. The bee cooperated completely is how😁
It spent a couple of minutes checking out that hole, going in and out and hovering at the entrance. Unfortunately I only had the iPhone but it’s taken a pretty good picture.


That is a photo contest winning shot Brad, really good.