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Bee Photographs


And just like your self, conjuring up purity, innocence and goodness.
My hydrangea are blue ,red and all the colours in between.


If you zoom in, you will see that my bee is winking at you Wilfred :slight_smile:



Almost thought this wasp/hornet had a cobra friend along😬


I thought it was a piñata! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It made me look twice at the leaf too. :grinning:


It’s a blue banded bee, a native Australian bee.
I found it in the backyard and watched for a while as it dug a burrow and got the photo while it was hovering.


That ain’t no blue banded bee Brad that looks like a wasp.

This is a blue banded bee.


Damn, I got all excited about that. Oh well, keep looking :roll_eyes:


Never mind, it is still a darned fine photograph! :blush:


You’ve had too many margaritas :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl::partying_face::cocktail::cocktail::cocktail:


My thinking it isn’t a bee, I have been told it is a Sand Wasp by good authority, might be worth doing a Google to compare. But a great photo none the less Brad.


Queen NoMs


That’s a cool photo - how did you take it?


I think it’s the fish eye setting as that setting is on my camera and gopro


My hubby was in the house and I put it up to the window. The light shining through was a fluke. I love it because it had a Queen, a drone, a worker and emerging all in the same shot. It also shows I’m not very accurate in marking. Lol

Full on expensive camera as well


I disagree. That is a beautiful dot. :blush:



She is saying, “Do you think my legs look fat?” :smile:


I think only humans look so superficially at “beauty”. I’m sure the bees are all discussing the great colour and size of her “legs” :stuck_out_tongue: And she is thinking “wonder if the others will notice the goodies I have”.