Bee Scared Story on 60 Minutes

If you missed the Australian report on bees by 60 Minutes last Sunday you can view a replay here.


Thanks for posting this :slight_smile:

Thank you Good Program

Thanks for the link. Scary story in how we are treating our earth and it shows by our bee populations dying. I am a noob to this and got into it through a novel and revolutionary way in collecting honey but now realising more the importance of what I am getting into and how our kids future depends on all the contributions everyone is making in this space. The more people get into bees and beekeeping the better I would think. More investment into research Mr Abbott!

Poisoning bees to save them? Couldn’t watch further.

There is already a lot of funding going into research all over Australia and much of it we never hear about. A good example is the Small Hive Beetle Harbourage device Apithor which came out of investment by the State and federal Governments in Australia, this device is a godsend for keeping SHB under control and has no effect on the bees. And recently a lot of funding is going into Medicinal effects of honey with results that are remarkable for Jarrah Honey in W.A. and Leptospermum (Tea Tree or JellyBush) in NSW and QLD. In some cases the anti-bacterial qualities are greater then that found in Manuka.