Insectageddon on ABC TV

I just looked at whats on TV tonight - sorry rest of the world, this is in Australia - and ABC Foreign Correspondent has a program called Insectageddon, about the insect decline in Europe. It might be worth a watch.


It was interesting to watch and see the results in the UK and Europe. It further confirms what us bee keepers have known for a while now.
A real shame that Trump has reversed the US Governments banning of the worst of the insecticides, I guess the environment isn’t as important as donations to his his re-election campaign. But it is great to hear so much of Europe and the UK are taking notice.
Sadly the Australian Government has a leg on each side or the barbed wire fence, but is it also our fault for not hassling our members of parliament?


Link to above program

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I agree, very interesting indeed. I take my hat off to those dedicated blokes who count those bugs every year.

One bloke was using a suction bug catcher, operated with the mouth. Reminds me of a Uni student who came with me to catch hive beetles. The device developed a fault which ended up with the lady swallowing a hive beetle. yuk… Anyway I think she lived to tell the tale.

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I thought it was a nice touch with the presenter driving around in a VW Beetle. :slight_smile: